15 Festival Tips

15 Festival Tips You Don't Want To Miss:

1. Pack light

Packing for festivals is not like packing for a regular weekend away. You need to be prepared to hike through fields before you get to your camping spot, so if it’s not essential - don’t take it!

You’ll make it a lot easier for yourself when making your way over, and you’ll be even more grateful when you’re heading back home. The last thing you want after a heavy weekend is to be carrying bags of stuff you didn’t even use.

So take the minimum! You’ll thank yourself later.


2. Take dried foods

Be sure to take some long shelf life snacks to keep you going. Buying food at festivals is pricey and you’ll no doubt be queueing for a long time.

Avoid messy foods and snacks that can explode on your belongings. The last thing you want is to turn up and realise your festival fit is covered in squashed banana.

Cereal bars, crisps, nuts, carrot sticks and hummus are all great snack hacks for festivals.


3. Stay hydrated

It’s likely you’ll be looking forward to attending a festival to drink alcohol and party, but it’s really important to stay hydrated. Take plenty of bottled water and keep drinking it throughout the day.

With any luck the weather will be hot, so you’ll need it!

And speaking of hot weather…


4. Sun cream

We sound like your mum, right? Well they know best, so take the advice. There’s nothing worse than sunburn when you’re just trying to have a good time - so slap on some SPF in the morning. It takes five minutes and will potentially save you the agony of sunburn later on.

Plus, do you really want to look like a tomato on all the pics?


5. Enjoy it

It goes without saying, and it’ll be hard not to. But don’t take everything too seriously. Spilt wine all over your sleeping bag? Tent splattered in mud? Roughing it is all part of the fun and games, so embrace every moment.


6. Go with Awesome People

Festivals are always a crazy place. It’s busy, is hectic, it’s an absolute assault on the senses, it’s going to be one of the most amazing and uplifting times of your life, but also knackering, so you’ll want to go with people who you know are up for a laugh, laid back, can cope with not showering for almost a week and being uncomfortable, easy to get along with and non-judgemental. No moaners, basically – leave the mood hoovers at home.

You’ll also want people who you know will look out for you and have your back!


7. Plan, But Not Too Much

Before you get there, read through all the ‘stuff’. Info on the website, the lineup, what’s on etc.

When you arrive, go through the line-up and get an idea of some of the bands you want to see, maybe give them a little circle in your programme. It can take a while to get between stages, so be prepared for that. You won’t be able to see em’ all, so just pick a few things you want to see each day.

8. Take your Ticket Everywhere You Go

Ok, this is an obvious one for when you arrive, but if you need to pop back to the car for any reason, take your ticket with you.

Your wristband is not enough to get back in. So to save you trudging all the way back to your tent and back again, keep your ticket with you!


9. Try and Look After Yourself

It’s important to look after yourself at a festival, it’s a marathon, not a sprint – pace yourself.

At festivals there’s always a party happening somewhere, but if you really want to make the most of the experience and not feel sick by Sunday, you need to pace yourself and at least try and stay healthy.

There are plenty of ways to stay healthy at a festival – the most important being to keep clean, try and get some sleep, eat properly and drink lots of water. You also need to keep yourself covered in the sun, dry in the rain and warm at night.

10. Bring Ear Plugs and an Eye Mask

If you have trouble sleeping, I’d definitely recommend bringing some earplugs and an eye mask.

The festival runs all night long, so you’ll usually hear very loud music until at least midnight, but even when the bands stop, it’s still quite loud. Until around 4 or 5 am. Then people start getting up at 6am. The tents are so crowded that you can hear everything.

The festival also takes place during the lightest time of the year, so unless you have a blackout tent, it’s going to start getting light around 4.30am.


11. Look After Your Valuables

Generally, people are great with lost property and so many people get their lost items back, but not always.

You can leave stuff in your tent, but whilst most people are honest, they can always be opportunists about. It’ can also be muddy or rainy, so breaking or ruining your stuff is quite probable!

We’d suggest keeping your valuables with you in a safe place, sleeping with them in your sleeping bag or putting them in the lockers.


12. Take a Power Pack or Solar Charger

You’re probably going to be using your phone a lot, to take photos, to locate your friends and to check the app/social media and there are very few places to charge your phone.

You’re probably going to be there for multiple days, so you’ll need enough charge to last you. So we suggest taking a portable charger with good battery life, and a back up too!

It might also be worth taking an old back up phone for emergencies too.


13. Go See Some Bands You’ve Never Heard Of

Definitely go and see the bands you love. However, it’s always good to expose yourself to some new stuff too as seeing a band live can be a game changer.


14. What to Pack

So what essentials do you need?

  • Big backpack.
  • Tent & groundsheet.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Small pillow.
  • Blow up mattress.
  • Foot pump – you only need one per group really or you could borrow off another group.
  • Fitted sheet.
  • Tarpaulin – good for putting on the ground to sit on.
  • Waterproof jacket.
  • Walking boots (if it’s raining more, consider wellies too).
  • Trainers.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Wet wipes – 2 packs, biodegradable if possible.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Toilet paper – one roll is ok and you can pick up
  • Head torch.
  • Clothes – t-shirts, leggings, shorts, warm jumper (very important), shawl, socks & underwear. It’s all about layers. The crazier your clothes are, the better. But pack light, you don’t need loads.
  • Hat.
  • Toiletries – face wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, moisturiser, razor, shampoo, suncream & lip balm
  • Makeup.
  • Small mirror.
  • Glitter – lots of.
  • Hairbrush & bobbles.
  • Refillable water bottle.
  • Carabiner (to attached my water bottle to my bag).
  • Plastic bottles – use these to decant your spirits into as no glass is allowed.
  • Bin bags.
  • Camping chair.
  • Small backpack or bum bag for smaller essentials (money, cards, phone, lip balm, wipes, hand sanitizer).
  • Picnic blanket.
  • Pens.
  • Towel.
  • Gaffer tape & string to fix broken tents.


15. Cozy But Unique Fits

When it comes to festivals, not looking like everyone else and feeling comfortable at the same time is key. You're going to be doing a whole lot of dancing, walking and standing, so we suggest choosing something cozy that you can wear all day long without feeling uncomfortable — like our Festival Collection. This collection was made to be worn at festivals. Our Reflective and Holographic clothes are unique as well as cozy.

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