5 Festival Outfit Ideas

5 Festival Outfit Ideas That Will Help You Slay At Every Festival

The beats are good, your feet hurt from dancing and the drinks are flowing. This means one thing... it's festival season and time to start finessing your concert wardrobe! There are many things to love about festival season, but a huge part of the fun is in the lead-up when planning your outfits.

Whether you just want that pure fire Instagram photo or you want to be the belle of the (festival) ball, it's up to you. Festival style truly is like no other thanks to the creativity that goes into it and the anything-goes approach many fans take, so dare to go all out this season and try something new.

Whatever your preference, just remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in the outfit you choose. Festivals are first and foremost about the music you don't want to have any discomfort as you listen to the sounds of your favorite artists.

With so many options, choosing what to wear and making sure you've got everything you need is harder than it sounds! Good thing we've got you completely covered with the ultimate festival outfit guide to rock your way through all the festivals this season. No matter what you’re looking for - we have it all for you.


1. Matchy Two Sets

Matching two sets are the absolute easiest way to assemble a head-turning look that's all kinds of cohesive and bright. Whether you take it more playful with rainbow stripes, graphic prints, or you decide that our Reflective Two Piece Sets are more your style, it's a trend that's sure to hit the mark. Pair it with a mini backpack or fanny pack for an extra festival-y feel. Matching sets are a little bit like a playsuit without the hassle. Nobody wants to get their whole kit off in one of those public portable bathrooms.

Style the look: Check out our Reflective Two Piece Sets; whether it's shorts, pants or a skirt with a matching crop top, you've got options and the world is your oyster!


2. Stand Out In The Crowd Set

This is 100% a look that will turn heads. Our Reflective Festival Set is the super trend that just isn't going anywhere and it’s just the right amount of bling & the perfect amount of festival.

Style the look: The Reflective Festival Set is really the statement piece of this outfit! Pair it with a simple mesh dress for a super sexy but fun look.


3. Sporty Crop Top Spice

Athleisure, but make it festival. Pair a crop top with sporty pants (vintage style, or our Reflective/Holographic ones are all great options) and accessorise with your favorite pair of sneakers. You'll have a slightly '90s look that's effortlessly rad and you're guaranteed to stay comfortable all day. It's a win-win. The best part is, this fit will be super comfortable and you're not going to get too hot in the mosh pit when wearing one.

Style the look: You can never go wrong with our Reflective Crop Top and practically anything high wasted. Whether it’s a matching skirt, a pair of shorts or even our Reflective Pants, this outfit is always a crowd pleaser.


4. Body Jewels

Honestly, these seem a little extra, but – they are like magical crystals that pull an entire look together. If you're ever going to rock these, a festival is where it's at!

Style the look: If you really can't afford a whole new outfit, pair these body jewels with a simple outfit like a black bodysuit and some denim shorts! Dress is up with some glitter and you're festival ready!


5. Cozy Reflective & Holographic Fits

When it comes to festivals, not looking like everyone else and feeling comfortable at the same time is key. You're going to be doing a whole lot of dancing, walking and standing, so we suggest choosing something cozy that you can wear all day long without feeling uncomfortable — like our Festival Collection. This collection was made to be worn at festivals. Our Reflective and Holographic clothes are unique as well as cozy.

Style the look: Obviously you want to show off your Reflective and Holographic clothes, so pair these with some sneakers or boots for a look that's to die for!


Now we’re curious… do you wear our Reflective or Holographic clothes when you go to festivals? If so, what did you wear? Are there any tips we missed? 

As always, we’d love to hear from you! 

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